Student Clubs

TIPSGLOBAL encourages students to participate in various extra-curricular activities and clubs. These dynamic student programs are intended to foster leadership development that complements the classroom experience and build a community.

Book Club:

Composed of students, faculty and non-teaching staff of the institute, the TIPSGLOBAL book club promotes an environment that encourages reading and provides a forum for literary discussion. Members can share their thoughts about the books they have read and reflect on the salient features of specific books. Facilitated by a lead volunteer, the club serves as common place for students of all years to connect over literature.

Sports Clubs :

The purpose of the Sports Club program at TIPSGLOBAL is to bring together students for recreation and fitness in traditional, as well as nontraditional physical activities. The Sport Club program offers a wide variety of sporting activities, including team sports, individual sports, indoor games, swimming and cycling. Many of the clubs teach activities that can be practiced for a lifetime. Sports Clubs are organized by students and supported by Student Affairs. They can be competitive, recreational, social, or instructional innature. Sports facilities within the college campus and in the school campus, which is about 4 kms away from the college campus, are available for use for TIPSGLOBAL Students.


Movie Theatre: A state of the art movie theater is available for students to watch television programs and films during off hours. Any film screened in the theater will need prior approval from the residential coordinators.

Cycling Track: A cyclic track is available within the campus for student ride bicycles that are provided. Since the track has turns, ups and downs students will be required to wear protective gear, which is, provided to them as well.

Gymnasium: A well equipped gymnasium is available for residential students. Students are required to follow the timings posted outside the Gymnasium. Students must note that there certain "girls only" time slots where the gymnasium is reserved exclusively for girl students. 

Fun Trips:

Students are taken to at least 2 fun trips every semester where they get an opportunity to participate in team games and mingle with each other and faculty. Activities at fun trips include trekking, sight seeing, camping and cycling.