Grooming Industry Ready Professional (IRP) graduates

dreamstimemaximumThe TIPSGLOBAL Institute aims to bring about a transformation in the education system through its unique Experiential Learning approach to foster innovation while ensuring the quality as well adaptability of its curriculum to the corporate world.

As part of this approach, TIPSGLOBAL has implemented an innovative industry connect program that transforms its students into Industry Ready Professional (IRP) graduates. Through this program, students develop knowledge, skills, abilities and values from direct experiences outside the traditional academic setting encompassing a variety of activities including guest lectures, field trips, summer internships, practical training and other creative and professional engagements. Students start participating in these activities right from the first semester and continue to stay engaged throughout their course of study. This interaction provides interdisciplinary learning, career development, leadership and other professional and intellectual skills. Greatly enhancing their employability, this program grooms them into IRP graduates who can thrive in the role of being an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur.

Signifying a strong commitment to student success by integrating human talent, technology and various other resources through its comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem, TIPSGLOBAL strives to provide a conducive and rewarding environment for students to ignite and sustain a passion for excellence.