Entrepreneurship & Healthcare

Entrepreneurship & Health program at THE TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE is designed to develop the practical business skills and leadership expertise necessary for professionals to take an active role in healthcare industry. It provides that balance of health care and management that will enable the graduates to thrive in this role. Through this program, students build a strong foundation in the business of healthcare while gaining the applicable knowledge to address complex challenges using a combination of real-world expertise and critical thinking. Click on images under the competencies to learn about the student learning outcomes and activities.

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Entrepreneurship and Health Care

                                                                                                                                                                                                          5 years MSc & MBA

Human Biology
Diagnosis and Pharmaceuticals
Hospital Care
Medical Technology
Financial Management
Sales & Marketing
Production & Service Management
People & Relationship Management
Ideation & Opportunity Validation
Business Plan Development
Strategy Management
Business Ethics & Corporate Law
Communication & Leadership
Creativity & Innovation
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Personal Ethics & Accountability

Integrated Master level Dual Degree Directly After Grade 12

M.Sc in Health Care Systems and Life Sciences from Bharathiar University

MBA in Entrepreneurship from University of Pasadena, USA